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Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the ability to have 1:1 conversations with your audience across multiple channels – meeting customers how, when, and where they want. It is more than just live chat, it extends to phone calls, texts, Facebook Messenger, email, Slack, and other channels.
When you’re getting started, you’ll first identify which channels your audience is on. The challenge, though, is being able to manage multiple channels without slow response times, internal miscommunication, or productivity loss. That’s why it’s important to use conversational marketing tools, such as a unified inbox, to streamline your efforts.

Conversational Marketing: What It Is and How to Use It

Looking to make your marketing efforts more personal and conversational for your customers? Conversational marketing might be the perfect way to shift your marketing strategy.Conversational marketing is a marketing approach based on customer feedback. It utilizes tools such as personalized email marketing, chat bots, live stream video, and live chats with customer service representatives.The main goal of conversational marketing is to keep a seamless exchange going across all touch points with your customer. Conversational marketing can help you qualify leads, schedule calls, recommend products, and close sales.

What is Conversational Marketing All About?

At its heart, conversational marketing is all about information gathering. This method creates a real-time conversation between your brand and the customer that serves them right when they want answers and doesn’t require the stop-and-start of surveys or intake forms.When you utilize conversational marketing strategy, you do so by incorporating a series of questions in your marketing content to move your customers through your funnel. Then, your customers’ next steps are dictated by the answers to those questions.Essentially, conversational marketing works by first engaging your customer, then understanding what they need based on where they’re at in their journey. Once it’s clear what your customer needs, you can then make appropriate recommendations based on that knowledge.Conversational marketing works faster, builds trust, and feels authentic to your prospective customers. Making your marketing more conversational makes the buyer’s journey feel more personal. Additionally, it’s mobile-friendly, convenient, and easy for them when they’re on the go. It’s also highly scalable as your business grows.

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